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You may not know that we are a privately owned American company founded in Philadelphia in 1858.  Our parent company, Hajoca, is named by combining the names of the founders, Haines, Jones, and Cadbury.  Hajoca is one of the largest private wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating, waterworks, industrial supplies and pool supplies, with approximately 350 locations in the U.S. Penstan Supply, as you know us, was founded as Amstan in 1950 and changed to Penstan in 1972, before being acquired by Hajoca in 1988.  We currently operate out of 8 locations in Western and Central Pennsylvania.

As a privately held decentralized company, we are not subject to the demands of Wall Street shareholders.  We use our size to negotiate the lowest pricing on the best products from the best manufacturers, but we make our business decisions at the local level based on local market conditions.  We set pricing locally, choose which brands and products to stock locally, and choose appropriate levels of inventory to stock locally.  We rely on our customers to educate us on the needs of the market.  If there is something you need that we do not stock, or if there is a price we need to compete with, please let us know.  Most of the time, we can stock any item that you require or find a source to special order it.

You can be assured that the business you give us each day will personally impact our local employees and local economy, not some unknown shareholders in far-away places. We have a vested interest in being the best supplier that we can be in order to earn as much of your business as we can.  We need you to be successful in your business for us to be successful in ours.  In order for us to grow as a company, we must grow with our customers.

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